A new film from the producers of Not My Life:

We here at Worldwide Documentaries have a deep and growing concern for the children, and their families, who are arriving by the hundreds of thousands on the shores of Europe, and who tragically represent a “feast” for EU human traffickers -- the most ruthless, cruel, and well-organized in the world. 

Because Not My Life is widely regarded by the international human rights community as a powerful and effective film on the subject of global human trafficking, we are being encouraged to create a companion piece to Not My Life to close this awareness gap as quickly as possible.  

Film is an immensely powerful tool, and we feel a great sense of responsibility to sustain the global conversation we began with Not My Life, and now must continue with Heart of the Matter

The urgency to get this new film made is too great to rely solely on the international philanthropic community—  and while we are doing our due diligence in that respect, we have also launched a Heart of the MatterIndiegogo campaign to help raise pre-production funds to move this project forward; our goal is to complete the new film by spring 2016.

In addition to considering a contribution in any amount yourselves—  we would be grateful if you would share the Indiegogo link on your social media pages, and with anyone else in your circle of family, colleagues, and friends who might also wish to make a contribution.

What is unfolding before our eyes in Europe is an astonishing human tragedy that threatens to change the face of the continent, and turn thousands of innocent children, women and men into a new generation of slaves. Please help us sound the alarm before these lives are lost. 

Thank you.

The Not My Life Team