Nearly 4 years since its initial release, Not My Life continues to be a powerful call to action and inspiration for millions of people around the world. In 2015, Not My Life has been seen by thousands at community events, classrooms, businesses, and homes around the world. These accomplishments would not have been possible without supporters like you!
Awareness, as history tells us, is key to the success of any human rights struggle. The medium of film can create widespread awareness, trigger dialogue, create solidarity, encourage action, and demand solutions that will save human lives. We have seen this happen over and over again with Not My Life - and it is needed now more than ever as the numbers of human trafficking victims in most countries is rising, particularly in the European Union where the refugee crisis is creating new pools of vulnerable people, especially children, for traffickers to prey upon. 
These victims have no voice; we work every day to give them one.  

With donations from individuals like you who believe in the importance of our work -- we can continue to make a difference in the lives of millions as we tell their stories and work to bring about change that will end slavery in our time. Please consider a year-end gift to support our current projects. Thank you and we wish you a peaceful holiday season!