Dear Friends,

We here at Worldwide Documentaries have always tried to embody Margaret Mead’s oft-quoted belief that one should never doubt the capacity of a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens to change the world. 

We are a small group, and we have committed, with the global distribution of Not My Life, to the challenge of changing the way the world thinks and acts with respect to the most heinous human rights violations of our time: global human trafficking and slavery, and the mass exploitation our planet’s children. 

The impact of our work has been great, and it promises to be greater. Since 2012, Not My Life has been seen by millions of people at public screening and community events, television broadcasts, classrooms and homes around the world, but there is more to be done.

As a not-for-profit organization, we face the same challenges, in terms of day-to-day operation, that are a fact of life for any non-profit, large or small. Proceeds from sales of Not My Life— DVDs and screening packages— go directly back into our efforts to raise awareness of human trafficking, as do donations from individuals like you who believe in the importance of our work. 

During the month of May, as we prepare for a special opportunity to raise awareness in India, where a child disappears into slavery every 8 minutes, we are asking you to consider making a donation of any amount to help us bring Not My Life’s message of courage and hope to the people of this great country. 

With thanks for your ongoing support of Not My Life and our efforts to give a voice to the voiceless.

Robert Bilhimer
Worldwide Documentaries