The documentary effectively asks why human rights have become meaningless in so many parts of the world. Its greatest achievement is to demonstrate that human trafficking is modern slavery and that it is not confined to less economically developed countries.
— Felicity Gerry, International Barrister and Media Commentator

Not My Life is a ‘visual’ representing UNICEF’s work in child protection and will be an invaluable tool in our advocacy and fundraising. The film binds countries on five continents with one simple theme that transcends class, caste and wealth - anything can be bought and sold in our times. The director shows us why and where children are trafficked and abused, helps us understand how to prevent it, and how to respond to those who need our help. Not My Life will change the way we see our lives, in some very fundamental ways.
— Susan Bissell, Chief of Child Protection, UNICEF

Not My Life is a beautifully made and deeply impassioned plea on behalf of the millions of young people around the world who have few advocates in a world bent on abusing them. As he did with his eloquent A Closer Walk, a statement on the global AIDS epidemic, Bob Bilheimer powerfully illuminates another equally dehumanizing issue. His movies are artful and important, and need to be seen.
— Jack Garner, veteran Gannett film critic & columnist

Excellent, well-made documentary about the international shame that is child trafficking. Narrated beautifully by actress Glenn Close, this compassionate film unflinchingly reveals the brutal, savage maltreatment of children all over the world - and yes, this includes the U.S. Child prostitution, sweatshops, forced begging, actual slavery: this is the reality for so many children everywhere. This is a very important film - highly recommended.
— Amazon VOD Customer

I saw the documentary on a Cathay Pacific flight on my way back from vacation in Thailand. Before seeing the documentary I had some awareness, but from what I saw in Thailand and then in the documentary, I am appalled that human trafficking is so overwhelming broad and so terrible. Thank you for opening my eyes. I will now be an active advocate to help prevent this.
— Student